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Fire Safety Engineering

We offer wide range of fire-fighting solution, from handheld fire extinguisher to advance fire detection system and foam/water sprinkler system.

Our aimed is to stop fire before it becomes major disaster. To achieve this we are partners with companies that are leaders in their several field of fire fighting and prevention services. One of such companies is Tema Systemi, an Italian company with over 20-years in manufacturing advanced fire-fighting solutions such as foam and water based sprinkler system. We are also in partnership with Buffalo fire pump Inc, U.S.A, leaders in fire pump production.

Our expertise in other field is equally brought to bear in providing fire-fighting solutions. Our civil engineering knowledge aids us in building an entirely new fire-fight station, while our competence in engineering procurement helps us stock the fire-service station with state-of-the-art equipments. Our fire truck manufacturing associates in Europe and U.S.A supply trucks for the fire station.

Our fire-fighting solutions

  • Supply of handheld and trolley-type extinguishers
  • Supply of water-based, hydrant-based and foam-based sprinkler systems
  • Supply of fire pumps
  • Supply of fire-fighting trucks
  • Design and building of fire stations
  • Fire-safety consultancy
  • Fire-prevention solution for residential and commercial building
  • Fire fighting equipment inspection and Maintenance services
  • Installation of smoke detectors