Anti-theft products 

Fedoz Nigeria Ltd is the nation's leading manufacturer of mechanical anti-theft devices. We work in close partnership with our customers to develop innovative solutions. Pipeline companies face growing need in their assets protection from different kinds of malicious activities. Most of those are related to fuel theft and pipeline vandalism.

There are few traditional solutions for pipeline security which are based on acoustic, pressure, flow rate and other statistic methods of protection. However, these methods are efficient only for short period until integrated methods are studied and successfully bypassed by unauthorized 3rd party. Fedoz is the nation’s leading supplier of mechanical anti-theft devices. The evolution of our unique Intimidating line of products has since provided innovative security solutions for access / perimeter control and theft / removal prevention for municipalities, public utilities, data centers, the oil field industry, high security facilities, and electronics / telecommunications equipment.

The foundation of Fedoz business success has always been focused on procuring products of consistent high quality that insure the greatest value for our customers. This focus is particularly critical in the Procurement Division where we work in close partnership with our customers to supply innovative solutions for demanding security applications.

Quality Assurance

A company-wide quality program, called the Fedoz Quality System (FQS), was developed specifically to meet the requirements of our business and our customers. A major ingredient of FQS is that every employee is responsible for the end quality of our product. In addition, the Procurement Department is trained and knowledgeable of industry requirements and is capable of providing all documentation for initial sample review, production, and post-production support. They are solely committed to maintaining quality throughout the life of the product, and are experienced in problem prevention, analysis and solution techniques. The department is sufficiently staffed to insure total care, attention to detail and high quality levels.

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