What we do

Fedoz Nigeria Limited has a reputation that is based on our capacity to plan, design construct and maintain a variety of engineering projects to the satisfaction of our client. it is also based on our ability to mobilize and start any kind of project in Nigeria in a record time supported by the commitment and strength of our personnel and our own fleet of modern equipment. to achieve our objective of customer satisfaction,Fedoz Nigeria Ltd invests much of maintenance of our machinery/equipment as well as promoting a conducive work environment for her personnel.  

Scope of Services

  • Piling/Shore Protection Activities:
    Pile Driving. Pile Extraction. Drilled Shaft/Bored Pile.Foundation piling.Shore Protection piling.
  • Civil Construction:
    Civil Construction Design, Building and Renovation of Existing Structures, Roads and Highway Construction,Shoreline Protection Structures, Bond Walls, Steel and Timber Structural Works, Jetty Construction, Drainage and Landscaping Works, Geo-technical Engineering and Flood/Erosion Control, Architectural Designs, Urban Planning and Municipal Development studies, Civil Engineering Project Feasibility and Development Studies.
  • Production Operations
    Flow station and well head operations. Greasing of well head and process valves. Flow-line and pipeline leak repair. Well head upgrade. Manifold Inspection and Maintenance. Maintenance of diesel and natural gas powered generators
  • Engineering & Maintenance Services 
    Land/Swamp Flowline/pipeline construction and leak repair. construction of steel structures, steel storage tanks and vessels. cathodic protection design, construction, installation and maintenance. plant turn-around maintenance. repair and maintenance of onshore/swamp pipeline of all sizes.
  • Asset Integrity Management
    Pipeline pigging operations. Pressure Testing/Commissioning Pressure Vessel Cleaning, Inspection and Repairs. Corrosion Cleaning(Grit Blasting) and Painting.Utility Systems.
  • Project Management/Consultancy Services:
    Project Planing, Management and support. Project Control. Material Control. Inspection. Construction Management. Procurement expediting services. Commissioning and Start Up.
  • Procurement Services:
    Fedoz Nigeria Limited have the capacity to procure and deliver civil construction materials and equipment needed in the day-to-day operations of the construction, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas Industries. Our services involve both local and international sourcing of specific needs of our clients. e.g Leasing/Maintenance of Land construction equipment, Graders, Pavers, Impactors, Cranes , Excavators, Bulldozers , Leasing/Maintenance of Swamp Construction Equipment, House Boats, Swamp buggies, Little Giants on pontoons, Winches, Tug boats, Land Logistics support Services, Low Bed Trailers, Self Loaders Pick-up Trucks, Flat bed trailers, Low Loaders, Swamp Logistics Support Services,Flat bed barges, Ramp barges, Crew boats. 

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