Butterfly Valves

A Major part of our business line is in valve supply for oil pipeline installation.

We are the leaders in the supply and installation of valves for gas plants and oil pipelines,we have been in this branch of business for a very long time, we have achieved outstanding customer satisfaction in our products.

This made us the best and the most reputable in the supply of valve to our clients. we remain the best supplier of a wide range of valve products for the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries including:
Wafer Check Valves.
Trunnion Mounted & Floating Ball Valves.
Gate, Globe & Check Valves. 
Y type Strainers.
Control Valves and Wellhead Valves.

Fedoz valves are manufactured in forged and cast materials as well as machined from bar for the end of project requirements, so we can deliver in the shortest time possible. We can also manufacture to bespoke designs and end connections, changes in design suit our flexible working practices, working with our clients to a mutual goal. We are committed to technologically advanced products and continually improving to develop High Quality and zero leak technological valves. Having the most technologically advanced and versatile valve procurement units through our high-end order system and an abundance of skilled workforce, Fedoz Nigeria Limited is able to deliver the most-trusted, highest-quality valves in any industry, so customers have less downtime and the lowest cost of ownership. 

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