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High viscous oil pumping needs a pump that is reliable and has a long life span and service duration with a less maintenance schedule. the type of oil pump must posses the capacity of operating at a varying temperature and viscosity of liquids.Our ranges of pumps is designed to provide these abilities, knowing these implications and projecting them over our products makes us the best choice in pump supply for these purpose. our vertically installed pump makes use of ANSI standard hydraulic method, enclosed bearing, wielded pipes. these properties cancels leak occurrences that relates to the competing pumps.  

Fedoz Nigeria Ltd is dedicated to providing first class service to customers from initial contact to the supply of spare parts after installation. Therefore, our pumps maintains an extensive inventory of parts for Crude oil pumps and is committed to servicing the market delivery demands. In addition, a complete OEM Parts unit stands ready to service your ordinary maintenance and emergency breakdown needs.


ANSI process pumps are those which comply with the ANSI Standard B73.1. You can avail these pumps from Fedoz Nigeria Limited at competitive prices. The whole idea of introducing ANSI process pumps was to make the replacement pumps easily accessible. All the ANSI process pumps that we provide are dimension-ally interchangeable with other competitive pumps. They feature a back pull-out design. These features of these pumps make them easy to source for facilities and plants. The need to change the pipe design and schematic is completely eliminated. At Fedoz Nigeria Limited, we can provide you the Fedoz  series of ANSI pumps, which can be easily interchanged with the Goulds 3196 pumps. The Fedoz series of ANSI pumps that we provide can be interchanged 100% with the Durco Mark III pumps.

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