Oil Spill Cleanup and Recovery

FEOZ NIGERIA LIMITED provides the most efficient oil spill response solutions in any condition and every environment. From on-land facilities and coastal areas to ports, terminals, rivers and the open sea, we are there when we’re needed. We also provide equipment rental services, services around oil spill response command center construction, as well as services and consultation around oil spill response and cleanup, contaminated soil cleanup, and the management of oil-contaminated waste.

We also provide training and consultation services around oil spill response techniques, optimal use of resources and equipment, and all levels of risk management – all the way up to the management of major risks and response operations.

Since 2016, FEDOZ has provided specialized services and consulting for emergency oil spill response clean-up operations, the remediation of contaminated lands and of oiled waste, and the prevention of future incidents all over the world including on-land sites, rivers, shorelines, ports, terminals and off-shore locations.

FEDOZ has the ability to respond to any scale incident; Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 and/or HAZMAT event, with equipment, personnel, dispersant, vessels, aircraft and logistics capability. 

We are able to man-up command posts, provide back office support and emergency waste handling at a moments notice. FEDOZ has the unique ability of being able to respond from its main hubs as well as its numerous regional/local centres.