Engine Heads and Electric Motors (OEM)

Fedoz Nigeria Ltd is the choice to make when your business model calls for the strategic use of OEM manufactured engines you, can’t make a smarter choice than Fedoz Nigeria Limited. Our new, state-of-the-art facility is designed to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process and deliver an engine that will meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specification. 

Fedoz manufactures Crankshafts For All Applications Including Those For Tractors, Trucks, Automobiles, Industrial Engines, Compressors, Etc. Fedoz Has Over 15 Years of crankshaft manufacturing experience and has State Of The Art cutting edge processes and machinery. Fedoz has its own In-House SG Forging Capability and CNC Production Line. All crankshafts manufactured are Heavy Duty and we manufacture the Largest range of crankshafts.

In addition to crankshafts, Fedoz also manufactures 1-Cylinder and Multi-Cylinder, cylinder heads suitable for trucks, tractors and stationary engines. Fedoz is amongst the first and one of only handful of Cylinder Head Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria,with its own state of the art foundry and VMC+ HMC production line.

Fedoz is also a very reputed SG Ductile and graded cast iron casting and component manufacturer having its own Hi-Tech foundry and VMC+ HMC production line. We use our well rounded infrastructure to provide a comprehensive range of products, which include Manifolds And Heavy Duty Parts.

Electric Motors

Fedoz Nigeria Limited has unveiled its new variant 48V e-motor and accompanying inverter, which are designed to incorporate the latest thinking in high-performance, low-cost electrification with the aim of offering performance of 48V hybrids as a more attractive and affordable solution in comparison with today’s higher-voltage hybrids. The design and testing of this new 25kW, 48V e-motor and inverter was carried out as a part of the company’s contribution to the clean energy competitiveness in Commercial Hybrid and Automotive Power-trains (CECHAMPS) project. This model was designed to produce a HVoltage output for the important needs in pumps for various purposes.We are experts in large industrial motors, regardless of whether they are direct-current or three-phase, cage motors, or slip ring motors. And there's more: We're experts when it comes to specific special solutions for the construction of electric drives for industrial plants.

Are you looking for an electric motor with a special flange? Does your replacement motor need to act as a potential substitute for three different motors with different dimensions? Do you want to have the protection class or cooling method of a motor adjusted? No problem! As a provider, we specialize in tailored custom requirements of electric motors in different power and voltage ranges.

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