Fedoz offers professional client-focused construction projects. Our team of engineers and contractors hails possess an international experiences to execute field construction projects, with combine innovative construction methods we set the  standard with accountable project management. FEDOZ Nigeria Limited is recognized for excellence in a vast range of markets.

In bringing plans to reality, FEDOZ NIgeria Limited ensures that the site for which any project work is to be situated would be prepared in terms of proper house-keeping and adequate overview for assembly and erection activities.

in Fabrication works,  Fedoz Nigeria Limited is a complex metalwork fabricator specializing in welding medium to large structures and metal parts. Fedoz Nigeria Limited fabrication process involves the processing of raw materials with state-of-the-art plate cutting - laser, oxy-fuel flame, high-definition plasma cutting and beveling, production sawing - cold and miter, and shear. We precisely form, bend, and roll metal to exacting specifications. Our certified welders are experts at bonding a full array of metal types and intricate construction. On-site  Fedoz Nigeria limited machines workshops are at the ready to provide the necessary machined surfaces and tolerances. 

FEDOZ construction major engagements in these areas:

 Land /swamp flow line construction and leak repairs Civil /structural construction | Water drilling and water storage tank construction and installation | Cathodic protection design, Construction, installation and maintenance | Engineering Project Design and Development |Engineering Project Construction and Fabrication |Portacabin Construction, Installation and Leasing | Construction Design fabrication | Civil Maintenance works | Electrical maintenance and Installation work  | Instrumentation and Control Works.