Operational Excellence and an uncompromising commitment towards Safety, Health and Environment.

F EDOZ NIGERIA LIMITED  based in Port - Harcourt Area of Nigeria, is the provider of Highest Quality Oil and Gas equipment and services, widely recognized in the region for setting a standard within the Oil and Gas industry. The company’s clients include Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas industries all over the West African region and beyond.  Founded in 2002, the company was established with the focus of providing specialized services to the Oil and Gas producing industries, especially for the Crude Oil, LNG Production facilities.  

FEDOZ  is highly specialized, and equipped with an expert team committed to innovation and productivity, the comp any established a strong foothold in the field of Instrumentations | Pumps Technology | PSV Calibrations | Instrumentations  Reverse Engineering | Fire- protection system | Anti-theft equipment and Oil Spill Response Equipment

What sets us apart is our substantial in-house inventory for Pumps Maintenance, Instrumentations and pipeline maintenances, and as well as our prompt after-sales support. To fuel the socio-economic development of the country, and to meet the growing demands of the industry,  FEDOZ  has been energizing the markets with outstanding growth opportunities for all of our valuable clients and principles. The core values of operational excellence and an uncompromising commitment towards safety, health, and environment, have earned  FEDOZ NIGERIA LIMITED  our coveted position and recognition within the industry and communities we serve.  We exist to; materialize projects requiring advanced technology and specialization, create benefits for our employees, our company and end users, provide the satisfaction of our customers in maximum level, in design, engineering, procurement & supply, construction, testing and commissioning jobs of pipeline, oil & gas facility and infrastructure construction projects in energy sector and various industries.


Sustainability - Health &   Safety

FEDOZ NIGERIA LIMITED  is committed to uphold the highest health & safety standards, and ensure secure working environment for our entire staff, customers and visitors. We pledge to ensure that all our staff/personnel are fit to carry out their duties safely and effectively in a working environment free from alcohol and drug misuse. Therefore,  FEDOZ NIGERIA LIMITED  implements a Zero Tolerance Policy towards alcohol and drugs.    We also take a strong Anti-Bribery stance and follow the highest internationally recognized Code of Business Ethics.These policies apply to all employees and all persons coming into the company premises .

Sustainability - Environment

The risk of environmental pollution is apparent across Oil and Gas activities globally.  FEDOZ NIGERA LIMITED  operates as an environmentally and socially conscious company.We recognize the immense responsibility we have towards our environment, our community, and our future. This is why we put great emphasis on assessing and actively managing all environmental risks and impacts and making sure we are offering environmentally friendly solutions.As a company, we strive to be energy efficient, conserve resources, and reduce carbon emissions. All of our operations follow strict guidelines on Health, Safety, and Environmental Impact.